ES Cell Microinjection Services

To create large, complex, targeted mutations, more traditional techniques are still needed. For those applications, our expert ES cell blastocyst injection service can take you successfully from a modified ES clone to a chimeric mouse in a matter of weeks. | 1.800.422.6423 (US) | (International)

In order to meet the need for blastocyst injections of modified ES cells, we offer microinjection services of your ES cell clone into one of three different host blastocysts. Following microinjection, embryos are transferred to host females to produce chimeric founder mice which are expected to carry the new genetic modification. 

JAX advantage

  • Get the model on the background you want. JAX has proven experience with 129, C57BL/6J and C57BL/6NJ ES cells.
  • You choose the service level. We offer two service levels based on your needs and budget.
  • Get your model quickly. Your model will be ready in 13-15 weeks.
  • Accelerate your research timeline. No need to quarantine or rederive your mice. Founder mice generated are of high health status so they can be directly imported into your facility.

ES Cell Microinjection Process

Once clones arrive, we will karyotype them to verify chromosome number as part of our full service offering. Once this is complete the mES cells will be microinjected into host blastocysts and transferred into pseudopregnant females. Chimeric pups will be identified by coat color and delivered at 6 weeks of age.

Optional services

JMCRS - C22-cont - MGS - CRISPR


Breeding Services

Our breeding and integrated services save you time, space, and money. JAX simplifies your mouse colony management by shipping mice to you as needed.


Cre Repository

The JAX Cre Repository's aim is to provide the scientific community with a centralized, comprehensive set of well-characterized Cre Driver lines and related information resources.

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