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Note: The incoming cohort of 2023 Postbacc Fellows at JAX trainees will be hosted on our Bar Harbor, ME campus

Bar Harbor, Maine

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Farmington, Connecticut

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Courtney Hatton

Hometown: Medway, Maine 

Undergrad Institution: University of Maine

Undergrad major: B.S. in Biology

Why postbacc @ JAX?

The Post-Bacc at JAX was a opportunity of a lifetime for me. As a non-traditional student, I needed a transition period while I got all my ducks in a row before applying to medical school. The Post-Bacc at JAX not only helped me prepare for the MCAT and medical school admissions process, but they have allowed me to add a great research opportunity and several publications to my resume.  An additional bonus was that being at JAX allowed me to spend these transition years close to my friends and family here in Maine.

What is your favorite thing about science?My favorite thing about science is that the possibilities of what we can learn are endless. For everything we find an answer to, we discover at least a dozen new questions.  

Jacob Flores

Hometown: Houston, TX

Undergrad Institution: Houston Baptist University

Undergrad major(s): Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Why postbacc @ JAX?

The postbacc program at JAX is the perfect place to advance my direction in obtaining an MD/PhD. This program will give me the opportunity to meet new mentors and professionals in the field to assist me in my objective to define my research interests and abilities. I wish to learn how leaders in this field approach the progression of a project, so that I can apply their methods to my own thought process. JAX also offers immersive preceptorship and clinical experiences to further develop the qualities of a compassionate physician.

How do you like to spend time out of lab/away from academic work? 

I enjoy resetting myself after academic work through physical activity in the outdoors like running, hiking, and exploring the city. You can also find me at restaurants trying locals’ best dishes.

Jin Komerska

Undergrad Institution: Grinnell College

Undergrad major(s): Biochemistry

Why are you planning to earn a MD/PhD?

I am excited to help patients through their journeys of health and healing, and it is important to me that I approach issues from multiple perspectives to gain a broader view of the topic. An MD-PhD will help me develop a wider understanding of the systems and diseases that I will work with, and enable me to be involved in several different aspects of providing treatment.

How do you like to spend time out of lab/away from academic work?

I enjoy playing ultimate frisbee, spending time outside, and petting every dog I meet.


Queen Igomu

Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria
Undergrad Institution: Illinois Wesleyan University
Undergrad major: Biochemistry, Pre-med

Why postbacc @ JAX?
JAX is an amazing place to delve into science. From scientists with diverse backgrounds to state-of-the-art technology, this program provides a solid foundation in research.

Why MD/PhD?
It offers an opportunity to treat patients in a clinical setting while unraveling and understanding the mechanisms underlying their diseases.

Favorite thing about science?
Science is an opportunity to find answers to questions that make a difference. The feeling when you finally breakthrough in a project, definitely makes it worth all the time and hard work that went into it.

How do you like to spend time out of lab?
When I’m not in the lab you can find me out in Acadia, enjoying living near a national park!