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2023 Applications Closed

Important Dates

  • 2023 Application season opens

    November 1
  • 2023 Student application deadline

    February 15
  • 2023 Letters of reference deadline

    February 15
  • Requests for interviews sent to applicants

    March 1
  • 2023 Program at JAX Bar Harbor begins

    Late August
The incoming cohort of 2023 Postbacc Fellows at JAX will be hosted on our Bar Harbor, Maine campus.

Bar Harbor, Maine

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Farmington, Connecticut

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Kamari Weaver


Undergraduate Institution: University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Undergraduate Major: Biochemistry

JAX PI: Christine Beck, Ph.D.

Research Focus at JAX: Investigating the consequences of structural variants within transposable element promoters across diverse genomes

Visit the BECK Lab

Kimberly Heath Borrero


Undergraduate Institution: University of Illinois-Chicago

Undergraduate Major: Biological Sciences

JAX PI: Beth Dumont, Ph.D.

Research Focus at JAX: Characterizing changes in centromeric composition and diversity as a result of inbreeding.

Visit the DUMONT Lab

Patricia Colom Díaz


Undergraduate Institution: University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez

Undergraduate Major: Biology

JAX PI: Jennifer Trowbridge, Ph.D.

Research Focus at JAX: Examining the process of clonal hematopoiesis and it's implication in leukemia

Visit the TROWBRIDGE Lab

Rei Bufi


Undergraduate Institution: University of Connecticut

Undergraduate Major: Molecular and Cellular Biology

JAX PI: Ron Korstanje, Ph.D.

Research Focus at JAX: Studying the role of NBL1 gene in kidney phenotypes

Visit the KORSTANJE Lab

Zijian Li


Undergraduate Institution: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Undergraduate Major: Biochemistry

JAX PI: Travis Hinson, M.D.

Research focus at JAX: Investigating mutations associated with genetic cardiomyopathies using human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) model and studying cardiac regeneration with in vivo mouse model.

Visit the HINSON Lab

Harsha Tamtam


Undergraduate Institution: Austin College

Undergraduate Major: Biochemistry

JAX PI: Michael Stitzel, Ph.D.

Research focus at JAX: Creating reporter and gene perturbation assays to observe Type II Diabetes (T2D) marker fluctuations in model beta-islet pancreatic cells in the context of single nuclear polymorphisms (SNPs).

Visit the STITZEL Lab