Workshop on Long-Read Sequencing

Location: The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine - JAX Genomic Medicine, Farmington CT

Long-read sequencing is now the standard in genomics for assembling genomes, identifying structural variants, sequencing through repetitive regions, and phasing critical variants. Through this four-day workshop, participants will learn about the technology and molecular biology driving major long-read sequencing platforms, including those from Pacific Biosciences, Oxford Nanopore, Bionano, and more. Expert users and technology developers from long-read sequencing companies will share information about their applications in basic and translational genomic science, and will explore the commonalities and differences in long-read sequencing technologies. The program includes 2 days of presentations with 2 days of hands-on bioinformatics and laboratory-based tutorials. Participants will have the opportunity to network with genomics experts and industry leaders during the event. 

Registration is open. "Early-Bird" Pricing available through March 31st. Please see the "Registration" section below.

Abstract Deadline for Poster or Short Talk: Sunday, April 26th

Registration is Open

Jun 23 - 26