Roux Co-op Program

The Roux Co-op program is a six month program designed to provide Roux Institute/Northeastern University students with practical experiences while working alongside JAX subject matter experts.

JAX and the Roux Institute: building a biotech workforce

Through a partnership with the Roux Institute at Northeastern University, the Roux Co-op program allows eligible co-op students to become fully immersed at JAX as full-time team members for a period of six months. Supervisors partner with students to develop learning objectives and goals at the beginning of the program and provide coaching and mentorship throughout the co-op experience.

Who can apply?

Students enrolled at The Roux Institute/Northeastern University who are eligible for co-op

When can I apply?

Co-ops offered from January – June begin accepting applications mid-late September

Co-ops offered from July – December begin accepting applications mid-late February

How do I apply?

Students must apply via NUworks and will be directed to JAX’s application

Where can I work?

We offer co-op opportunities on our JAX campuses, as well as remotely within the U.S.