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At JAX, diversity drives our science with six continents represented across our community. Human health is a global challenge, and we must consider and address the unique needs of individuals around the world. While 99% of our genomes are identical, the 1% that differs — and the complex interactions between them — can make all the difference in our health. Search current openings here.

Our people are at the heart of everything we do, including supporting international candidates during the interview and hiring process. Support begins as soon as your job offer is accepted. JAX benefits are designed to help employees and their families from day one of employment.

Learn more about JAX U.S. campuses and JAX operations in Japan and China.

“Since I started at The Jackson Laboratory, I feel I joined a big family. People here are very friendly and kind – from my principal investigator to all the staff members. As an international student, I had adjustments in my daily life. JAX helped me tremendously during this transition.” Jiatai He, visiting scholar from China (Bar Harbor campus)

JAX offers a comprehensive benefits package including healthcare, paid time off, a retirement plan and more. Below are some additional resources that employees who are joining us from international locations may find helpful:

Financial Wellness

  • US financial system navigation
  • Access to public transportation and bus passes
  • Life insurance
  • Retirement plans

Work/Life Balance

  • Support with driver’s education and obtaining a driver’s license 
  • Airports and rental car information
  • Recommendations on local shopping
  • JAX DEI programs such as Global Talks and Culture Chats

Health & Wellness

  • Onsite fitness centers (open to employees and their spouses) with dedicated athletic trainers
  • Health system navigation support
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP), which includes professional mental health counseling
  • J1 INPAT Program, which provides medical insurance for J-1 visa holders, their spouses, and any eligible dependents (J-2) on day one of the employment.

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For more information about support for international applicants, please contact Mai Hendrix at