How to Apply

Gain experience to stand out

  1. Choose to spend your summer as a JAX Pre-Apprentice.

    Read over the JAX Animal Care Pre-Apprenticeship program description, hear from past Pre-Apprentices and check out the FAQs. Then, watch a video about JAX's mission to improve human health. Finally, decide if the program is right for you!

  2. Start the application process early.

    Fill out the entire application with all the things that make you great.

  3. Find a mentor to recommend you.

    Ask a teacher, guidance counselor, coach, or another mentor to sing your praises and fill out the form.

  4. Submit your completed application by March 31.

    Both the online application and recommendation must be received by the deadline to qualify. Our team will contact you by April 14.

  5. Accept your offer to become a JAX Pre-Apprentice.

    Offers will be extended to 12 candidates.

JAX Apprenticeship Program

Why mice?

Learn why mice are the best stand-in surrogates for humans and our diseases. 

Programs for high school students and teachers

JAX offers opportunities for academic year research, teacher professional development, and the Maine State Science Fair.