Growth & Professional Development

At JAX learning never stops. Learn more about JAX training, professional development and educational opportunities.

JAX Professional Development

Part of growing with JAX is developing your skills and knowledge. As part of JAX’s value and focus on people, team members can receive training and professional development to improve their job and leadership skills. As a member of the JAX community, you may also be eligible for tuition reimbursement as part of JAX’s comprehensive benefits package.

Examples of some of the training and development team members can receive include:

  • On-site MBA program: obtain your MBA without leaving the JAX campus
  • Tuition reimbursement: achieve your degree with financial support from JAX
  • Training and professional development opportunities: identify your career path and take advantage of opportunities to grow your career
  • Returning to school resources and practical advice
  • Skill building resources for many disciplines

JAX Genomic Education

World class educational opportunities, including JAX’s renowned annual McKusick Short Course, are part of our DNA as a nonprofit biomedical research institute. JAX Genomic Education offers programs and courses specifically for scientific and research focused team members to foster an environment of collaboration and innovation. Learn more about educational opportunities at JAX here.

JAX Internships, Mentored Research and Apprenticeship Programs

JAX offers unique opportunities through internships, mentored research, and apprenticeship programs. Learn more.

  • JAX Internships The JAX Summer Internship Program is an important part of JAX's mission to educate tomorrow's scientists and provide potential future employees an opportunity to learn more about JAX. Learn more here.
  • JAX Mentored Research JAX offers opportunities for academic year research, teacher professional development and the flagship summer student program. Learn more here.

  • JAX Apprenticeship Program The JAX Apprenticeship program is an important initiative at JAX to expose future employees to the critical role Animal Care and Operations workers play in furthering research across the world. Learn more here.