Mutant Mouse Resource and Research Center (MMRRC)

The Mutant Mouse Resource and Research Center (MMRRC) distributes and cryopreserves scientifically valuable, genetically engineered mouse strains and mouse ES cell lines with potential value for the genetics and biomedical research community.

Researchers at the MMRRC at JAX are also developing pluripotent stem cells from selected MMRRC disease model strains using standard derivation techniques and/or iPS technology.  Many studies can be performed in stem cells initially to determine the minimal number of experiments required in live mice.

How to cite this resource

The Mutant Mouse Resource and Research Center (MMRRC) is a national consortium of breeding and distribution facilities plus an information coordinating center serving together as a NIH-funded repository of spontaneous and induced mutant mouse and cell lines. Previously known as the Mutant Mouse Regional Resource Center, the MMRRC changed its name in 2014 to more accurately reflect the research being done at its regional Repository partners.

The MMRRC at JAX is supported by the Office of Research Infrastructure Programs/Office of the Director (grant number OD010921) of the National Institutes of Health.  Please reference this grant in citations acknowledging use of the resource.

Featured publications

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