Submitting mouse strains

Submitting mouse lines to the MMRRC Program

The MMRRC Consortium makes scientifically-valuable genetically-altered mouse lines more readily available to the biomedical research community.

An investigator who has created a mutant mouse can apply to the MMRRC Consortium to have their mouse line accepted for importation, cryopreservation, and distribution.

To have a mouse line considered for inclusion in the MMRRC, please see the strain submission information at the national MMRRC site to obtain complete instructions and to begin the submission process. 

Donors are asked whether they have funding available to subsidize the costs of repositing the strain for subsequent redistribution. Donors with funding to subsidize the importation and preservation of their strain may specify a preferred MMRRC facility for the maintenance of their strain.

Strain submissions without funding support will be fully reviewed by the MMRRC's Coordinating Committee to determine whether the strain has sufficient value to be preserved using the MMRRC's funding.  In some instances, researchers can obtain pre-approved for transfer to the MMRRC repository by their NIH Program Officer. In these cases, the donor will be asked to identify the sponsoring institute.

 *A published description (or manuscript in press) is highly recommended.

Submitting a strain to the MMRRC at JAX

A donating investigator may find that the services, regional location, or other qualities of a specific MMRRC facility (e.g., phenotyping capability, research interest, etc) are best suited for management of their mutant mouse line. If desired, a donating investigator may negotiate with the MMRRC at JAX for contractual management of their mouse line and use of any or all available services.

Send an inquiry to regarding services and assignment of a strain to MMRRC at JAX.

Benefits to submitting a strain to the MMRRC:

  • Fulfills your NIH obligation to share biomedical research resources (if applicable)
  • Reduces any unnecessary drain on your animal housing resources & reduces per diem costs
  • Creates a cryopreserved archive of the line
  • Eliminates the need for you to ship mice to multiple requesting investigators
  • You may receive a one-time, no MMRRC fee, delivery of either live mice (if available) or one aliquot cryopreserved sperm (as supplies allow) for each strain you donate to the MMRRC. Note: You will need to pay shipping charges
  • If the  MMRRC funds the acceptance of your mouse line into the repository, you incur only the cost of shipping mice/material to the MMRRC
  • If Donor funded, you may negotiate fee-for-service with the MMRRC
  • NIH Model Organism Sharing Policy