How Does CMDR-GEMMs Work?

The construction and management of mouse models is complex.

 The CMDR-GEMMs provides expertise…

  • Consultation, technical expertise, project management, and compliance support for mouse model creation.
  • Connecting JAXCC investigators from JAX Genomic Medicine (Farmington, CT) to the animal resources and expertise available at JAX Mammalian Genetics (Bar Harbor, ME).
  • Familiarity with the numerous existing cancer models available from the JAX Repository.

…the resources…

  • Access to customized mice, reagents, and technologies such as —
    • Existing Repository, KOMP, and Cre-driver strains
    • New strains imported from outside investigators or developed through classic genetic crosses
    • Genetic engineering including CRISPR technology, traditional & conditional knockouts & knockins, recombinase-mediated cassette exchange, recombineering, and transgenesis

…and the infrastructure enabling JAXCC Members to explore cancer mechanisms through whole animal modeling.

  • Drawing on longstanding team strengths in developing, adopting, and implementing new technologies, we drive the creation of new resources, experimental tools, and mouse models.


The CMDR is supported by NIH Grant No. P30 CA034196. These services are limited to Jackson Laboratory researchers and investigators only.