Citing the CCSG

Guidelines for citing the Cancer Center Support Grant (P30 CA034196) in publications

Cancer Center Members should cite the Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG) in publications that are both:

  • Cancer relevant based on the criteria below AND
  • Supported by CCSG funding in one or more of the following ways:
    • Data were generated from a CCSG-supported Shared Service*
    • Work was supported by CCSG Pilot/Developmental funds.
    • Concept was developed through interactions at a CCSG sponsored event e.g. Annual Retreats, workshops or through travel support for scientific conferences.

Cancer Relevance Criteria: Publications meeting at least one of the criteria below are considered cancer relevant.

  • Publication directly addresses a cancer related problem, e.g. cancer term in title/abstract; cancer cell lines/data used in the study etc., OR
  • Publication provides knowledge/resources/technologies that contributes to cancer research in one or more of the following ways:
  • Describes molecular and/or cellular mechanisms for which there is evidence of a role in cancer development, progression, or metastasis. E.g. genomic instability, cell division, DNA repair, recombination, cancer gene function, epigenetics, stem cell biology, circadian rhythm etc.
  • Describes basic biological systems/processes relevant to cancer development and/or treatment response e.g. immunology, aging, germline genetics, microbiome-host interactions, sarcopenia/cachexia etc.
  • Describes diseases and behaviors that are associated with the risk of developing cancer (e.g. obesity, diabetes, substance abuse), and/or share mechanistic pathways with cancer (e.g. Alzheimer’s disease).
  • Describes diseases/conditions that are associated with the risk of adverse events due to cancer treatment. e.g. Type 1 diabetes, myocarditis, colitis, peripheral neuropathy, hearing loss, infertility etc.
  • Describes new methods, computational tools, quantitative approaches, and/or research resources (e.g. models, databases) that are relevant to basic and/or translational cancer research.

*Genome and Single Cell Technologies, Computational Sciences, Cancer Model Development Resource (GEMMS & PDX R&D Core), Genetic Engineering Technologies, Flow Cytometry, Microscopy, Mass Spectrometry & Protein Chemistry