Cancer-Focused Funding Opportunities

The JAX Cancer Center offers comprehensive research support to members. Here you will find current internal, federal and peer-reviewed foundation cancer-focused funding opportunities. If you have questions about internal awards, please contact the JAXCC Administration office (, federal awards, Director of Research Program Development: Anna Lisa Lucido (, and foundations: Jessica Indrigo (

2023 Innovation Pilot Award – Issued February 3, 2023

We invite applications for pilot projects under the overall and unifying umbrella of the JAXCC scientific theme ofTherapeutic Innovation: from basic biology to cure”. Basic biological research will enable us to comprehend and then harness and exploit the host-cancer interplay and the underlying genetic and genomic complexity to find new and novel treatment strategies (e.g., new targets, new therapeutic agents, novel drug combinations) that will halt cancer progression and enable long-term survival of the patients.

The JAX Cancer Center pilot funds are intended to encourage new ideas and new collaborations towards using our expertise in genomics, complex genetics, pre-clinical models, and cell biology and immunology to propel therapeutic advances. Successful applications will propose to generate pilot data for larger proposals directed to the study of the causes, nature, and consequences of genetic complexity in cancer and of the host-tumor interaction.

Funding: $50,000 - $100,000 for a maximum 18-month period. Awarded funds will be based on project scope/duration and funding availability. Funds may be used for partial support of existing postdoctoral, student, or technical support salaries, supplies, mouse costs, Scientific Services (including JAX in vivo services fees), or to engage external services not available at JAX.

Eligibility: At least one PI must be a full JAX Cancer Center member. Associate members are welcome to apply in collaboration with a Full member. Collaborations between Cancer Center and Aging Center members are encouraged. Lab groups (faculty members and affiliated Research Scientists) may submit only one proposal.

Proposal Deadline: March 1, 2023. Email your application to

Post Award Timeline: Anticipated award start date is April 5, 2023. This pilot funding is intended to generate data for NCI grant submissions no later than February 2025.

Application Process: The application must include the following 3 components. Templates available from

  1. Completed JAX Cancer Center Pilot Project Face Page
  2. Project Description – 3 pages max. Please provide the information requested in the Research Project Description template on page 3.
  3. Completed Budget Form. Include a minimum of 1% effort only for each PI.
    NOTE- If your project involves human subjects, please contact JAXCC admin prior to submitting your proposal.

Review Criteria: Proposals will be reviewed by the CC Program Leadership[1] and ad hoc reviewers as needed. 

  • The proposal will be reviewed according to NIH criteria for Significance, Approach, Innovation, and Investigators.
  • Reviewers will assess how well the proposed research aligns with the overarching Therapeutic Innovation program theme to study the causes, nature, and consequences of genetic complexity in cancer and of the host-tumor interaction as it relates to cancer treatment (including toxicities) and prevention.
  • Priority will be given to proposals that include Cancer Center and Aging Center PIs and/or target an NCI grant submission targeted for Q2-Q3 2025.

Progress Report: Pilot Project PIs will submit to JAXCC Administration a report of progress to-date by December 1st annually for inclusion in the Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG) annual progress report. The PIs will be responsible for providing additional information on outcomes as requested for 5 years following completion of the award.


[1] Members: Susie Airhart, Karolina Palucka, Jeff Chuang, and Olga Anczukow.