What Computational Sciences Can Do For You

Computational Sciences (CS) offers training and workshops on bioinformatics tools and methods; meets with faculty as needed to discuss scientific ideas, grant proposals, and manuscript drafts; presents new tools, systems, and analytical results at internal forums and external conferences; participates in cancer center and other scientific retreats and symposia; organizes and coordinates regular meetings and retreats of the JAX Computational Community.

CS is included in the Application for External Funding (AEF) process, whereby every application that indicates a need is contacted to offer support, preliminary analyses, methods sections, letters of support, biosketches, etc.

CS works with other Shared resources including Genome Technologies, Single Cell, Protein Sciences, the CBA, and Microscopy to provide analytical support staff, software development and research project management support in the context of both faculty projects and internal award initiatives.



CS is supported by NIH Grant No. P30 CA034196. These services are limited to Jackson Laboratory researchers and investigators only.