Molly Bogue, Ph.D.

Research Scientist

Works on the Mouse Phenome Project, collecting phenotype (measurement) data and disseminating them from the Mouse Phenome Database (MPD).

A mouse's genetics are reflected in its phenotype, its measurable characteristics including appearance, behavior and physiology. We work on the Mouse Phenome Project, an international collaborative effort seeking to comprehensively characterize a large set of commonly used and genetically diverse strains of mice and other reference populations. All the data are collected and disseminated from the Mouse Phenome Database (MPD) and include data relevant to addiction, atherosclerosis, blood disorders, cancer susceptibility, neurological and behavioral disorders, sensory function defects, hypertension, osteoporosis, obesity and other research areas. MPD also contains extensive genotypic data, which allows for genotype-phenotype association predictions and facilitates efforts to identify and determine the function of genes participating in normal and disease pathways.