Matt Mahoney, Ph.D.

Senior Computational Scientist

Machine learning for complex trait analysis.

My academic training is in physics and mathematics. I completed my PhD in math at Dartmouth College in 2009. After graduate school, I expanded into systems biology with a postdoctoral fellowship in the genetics department at Dartmouth studying an autoimmune disease called systemic sclerosis. I subsequently took a second postdoc in systems neuroscience studying the coordination of neuronal firing underlying cognition and cognitive deficits in epilepsy models. While seemingly disparate, these two fields share a lot in common from the mathematical point of view, particularly the use of machine learning and network theory to cope with biological complexity. For the last several years, my interests have expanded into model systems genetics and the central problems of predicting causal genes for complex traits and defining robust phenotypes for genetic mapping using heterogeneous data. My current work is expanding these approaches for the Cube project and through several ongoing collaborations within and beyond JAX.