Frederick Varn, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Associate

Employs genomic and computational approaches to investigate how the immune response shapes brain tumor development.

Dr. Varn received his Ph.D in Molecular and Systems Biology from Dartmouth College in 2018. While at Dartmouth, his thesis work focused on developing and applying computational methods to investigate the factors influencing the immune response in different cancer types. As a postdoctoral associate at JAX, his research projects integrate his background in computational biology, cancer biology, and immunology to study how the immune response shapes brain tumor evolution.

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Education and experience


Dartmouth College
Ph.D., Molecular and Systems Biology
Advisor: Dr. Chao Cheng

Dartmouth College
M.S., Quantitative Biomedical Sciences

University of Florida
B.S., Biology


The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine
Postdoctoral fellow
Advisor: Dr. Roel Verhaak