Research Tools: Cre-lox and More


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A. Research Tools: Cre-Lox and More FAQ

  1. How do Cre-Lox and Tet-on / Tet-off systems work?
  2. Click here for an introduction to Tet Expression Systems
    Click here for an on demand webinar on Cre-Lox basics
    Additional Cre-Lox resources listed below in the Cre-Lox Resources Section

  3. Does my mouse need to be homozygous for cre?
  4. No, generally one copy of cre is sufficient to recombine loxp sites.

  5. What is the difference between cre and iCre?
  6. iCre is an alternate version of cre designed for improved expression and reduced chances of epigenetic silencing in mammals. Click here for more information

  7. Where is cre expressed in this strain?
  8. For this information:

  9. Should I breed the male or the female with cre?
  10. See if the strain datasheet makes a specific recommendation in the Technical Support Section's "Breeding Considerations". Generally we recommend that the male be used as the cre carrier unless otherwise indicated on the Strain Datasheet. Please see item 1 in this article for a specific example of a strain where this matters.

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B. Research Tools-Related Articles and Resources

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  5. Webinar: Cre/lox Basics: An Introduction to Using Cre/lox Technology in Mouse Modeling
  6. The Cre/lox and FLP-FRT Systems
  7. The Jackson Laboratory Cre Repository
  8. Characterized Cre Lines
  9. Going Beyond Cre/lox

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