Rederivation Service

Whether you need to rederive one strain or hundreds, JAX can help. We’ve rederived thousands of strains and can ensure that your rederived animals will meet the high health status standards you expect from JAX Mice.

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Our Standard IVF Rederivation Service requires only two males from your colony. This approach is best suited to strains carrying a single allele of interest on commonly available inbred backgrounds. Should you need additional animals, this service can be easily scaled to produce large numbers of offspring.

Our Custom Rederivation Service is best suited to strains with more than one allele of interest, strains where it is desirable to maintain homozygosity or for strains on backgrounds where it would not be appropriate to use females from a common inbred strain. We can receive both males and females from your colony, but if you are not in the position to provide the number of mice in the age ranges required for rederivation, we can provide breeding services to expand colonies and produce the mice needed. Upon request genotyping services can be added for an additional fee.

Service Requirements Deliverable Estimated timeline
Standard IVF Rederivation 2 males 10-16 weeks of age
Females provided by JAX
At least 8 pups. Health report is included 12-15 weeks
Embryo rederivation 4-6 males and 6-10 females from your colony At least 2 pair of mice. Health report included. 12-15 weeks

If your strain has not been cryopreserved or if you have not verified the background recently, rederivation can be combined with our sperm cryopreservation or genome scanning services as cost effective ways to protect your research.

Need assistance with a more complex project? Relocating your laboratory, opening a new facility, or eliminating the need for quarantine are challenges JAX has years of experience assisting with. Please contact us for additional information on how we can help – from bundled packages to facilitate faculty relocation to custom project proposals to rederive dozens or hundreds of strains, we have an array of options available to you.