JAX Congenic Service

With our Congenics Service, we can take your strain and produce genetically well-defined congenic mice of the highest health status.

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Our full-service congenic program combines breeding and genetic analysis into one package to allow the most rapid and cost-effective production of congenic research mice.

Congenic Service includes:

  • Strain importation and rederivation
  • Genotyping
  • Genome-wide SNP scanning
  • Breeding

Key benefits

  • Quick: 15-18 months vs. 30-36 months using traditional backcrossing methods.
  • Saves you time and resources by having us do the breeding and genome scanning.
  • Delivers mice that are of high health status and genetically well-defined.

Note: If you plan to do your own breeding, please refer to our Genome Scanning Service instead.