JAX™ Webinars

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In this series, we discuss mouse models and techniques used to answer basic and preclinical research questions about cancer initiation, progression, and therapeutic interventions.

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Immunology & Infectious Disease

In this series, we provide considerations for selecting appropriate models, best practices for immunodeficient mouse care, methods to generate mouse models with humanized immune systems, and approaches for using these humanized mouse models in human infectious disease and cancer research.

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CRISPR, Cre-lox & Other Model Development Technologies

In this webinar series, learn methods to investigate and manipulate gene activity and advance our understanding of disease using the Cre-lox system or CRISPR/Cas targeting strategies.

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The Jackson Laboratory maintains the world’s largest collection of mouse models for neurobiology research studies. In this webinar series, we discuss various mouse models of neurological diseases and their use in preclinical and basic biomedical research.  

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Essentials for Using Mice in Research

This series provides information essentials for successfully using mouse models in biomedical research.

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Diabetes, NASH & Metabolic Diseases

In this series, we compare and contrast the top mouse models for metabolic diseases as well as discuss how these models recapitulate different phenotypes, and how diet and the environment impact disease progression. 

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