The Whole Scientist

Join us to expand your professional skill set as you progress in your scientific career.  This course examines the many facets of being a scientist, beyond the bench and computer work. And you'll explore a variety of scientific careers and find out how they match your interests and skills.

Do I Have the Skills I Need for My Career?

Am I prepared for the next step in my scientific career? What skills do I need? How do I get a job?

The Whole Scientist™ workshops and courses answer these questions and helps scientists like you prepare for the next step. Join us to expand your professional skills as you embark on a fulfilling science career.  This course explores the many facets of being a scientist beyond at-the-bench technical skills.

The Whole Scientist™ will instill skills and confidence in:

  • People and project management
  • Strategy and creativity
  • Pedagogy and teaching
  • Mentoring and team-building
  • Networking and negotiating
  • Communication to a variety of audiences
  • Career exploration and the job market

The Whole Scientist™ is offered in two distinct formats: a week-long course and one- or two-day workshops. Thanks to a grant from the NIH as well as gifts from HHMI and JAX's Courses & Conferences programs, courses and workshops are available at minimal or no cost to participants. Find the right option for you:

The Whole Scientist™ course

Our signature The Whole Scientist™course is available to Ph.D. students and postdoctoral scientists from any university or research institution. Individuals seeking careers as researchers – in academia, industry, biotech, or government – in addition to those with scientific ambitions away from the bench will gain valuable training in areas such as leadership, management, communication, and mentoring.  This week-long residential program is held on the JAX campus in Bar Harbor, Maine and consists of a series of seminars and workshops led by JAX faculty and invited experts, guides trainees in developing the skills needed to advance to the next stage of  their careers. Following the course, participants engage in a series of stand-alone practicums which delve deeper into specific topics and help to further build their professional networks. Participants also benefit from the development of supportive and collegial peer relationships that extends well beyond the duration of the course. Generous scholarships are available to offset registration and travel costs for Ph.D. students and postdoctoral scientists outside of JAX. 

The Whole Scientist™ workshop series

Throughout the year, we offer The Whole Scientist™ one- or two-day workshops that take place at institutions across the United States. These workshops provide an overview of the professional skills necessary for success in a broad range of careers and focus on topics of particular relevance to each audience. The Whole Scientist™workshop series is designed to help students and postdoctoral scientists from outside of JAX develop skills in leadership, management, communication, or mentoring while learning about exciting career possibilities. Find a workshop near you. Or if you'd like The Whole Scientist™to come to your institution, please contact the JAX Education team.

In the meantime, download our career booklet, filled with tips and tricks to help you accelerate your career:


Career Booklet