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The Search Magazine: Envisioner, Investor

David Roux believes genomic medicine will transform health care even more than people realize, and he's placing his bet with The Jackson Laboratory.

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56th Annual Short Course on Medical and Experimental Genetics

For more than 50 years, leaders in mammalian genetics, post-doctoral fellows and grad students have gathered in July for the "Bar Harbor" short course.

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The Jackson Laboratory is an NCI-designated Cancer Center

Using the power of genomics, computational biology and model systems, our research advances precision cancer medicine.

Hu-NSG Model Infographic

Hu-NSG Model Infographic

Learn how to select the most appropriate Humanized NSGTM Mouse Model for your research.

JAX Genomic Medicine

Our new research institute in Farmington, Connecticut will discover precise genomic solutions to disease, making medicine more precise and predictable.
JAX Genomic Medicine


International mammalian genetics leader
Nadia Rosenthal joins The Jackson Laboratory as Scientific Director.

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