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Read about Charles Lee's vision for genomic medicine

Charles Lee's research effort is already well under way in Connecticut, with his team hard at work in temporary space at the UConn Health Center.

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Scholarships available for 55th Annual Short Course

Join us in Bar Harbor this summer for the 55th Annual Short Course on Medical and Experimental Mammalian Genetics.

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The Jackson Laboratory is an NCI-designated Cancer Center

Using the power of genomics, computational biology and model systems, our research advances precision cancer medicine.

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Search for mice

Search the entire collection of over 6,000 JAX® Mice strains to find the mouse you need.

JAX Genomic Medicine

Our new research institute in Farmington, Connecticut—now under construction—will discover precise genomic solutions to disease, making medicine more precise and predictable.
JAX Genomic Medicine


National Cancer Institute awards $2.2 million grant to professor Yijun Ruan.

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