Clinical Knowledgebase

A dynamic, digital encyclopedia for precision oncology that connects cancer variants to therapies, efficacy evidence, and clinical trials and aids interpretation of complex cancer genomic profiles.

Advances in precision oncology have created a demand for scalable interpretative tools that address the growing complexity of genetic/genomic data and corresponding treatment modalities. The Jackson Laboratory’s Clinical Knowledgebase (CKB) is a leading resource in the effort to provide evidence-based information to clinicians, researchers and ultimately patients. Initially developed to support its own in-house Clinical Genomics laboratory, CKB is an expertly curated and publicly accessible relational knowledgebase of gene variants, targeted therapies, efficacy evidence and clinical trials related to cancer. Molecular variations currently include somatic mutations, copy number variations, fusions, tumor mutational burden, and microsatellite instability, and expression. The molecular entities are built into molecular profiles and are assigned to relevant treatment approaches. The therapeutic response also takes into account indication, which is represented by an integrated disease ontology. CKB provides evidence-based information and allows visibility into potential opportunities for research that could reveal novel cancer treatments.

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