David Hill, Ph.D.

Research Scientist

Working in ontology and biological data capture and representation.

Although trained as a developmental biologist, I have been working since 2000 in the area of semantic data integration for biological knowledge. Sequencing of whole genomes and development of large-scale genomic technologies, coupled with traditional experimental biomedical research, has resulted in the generation of vast amounts of information about genes and how they function. My work in the Blake lab focuses on two aspects of making our knowledge about genes manageable and accessible to researchers. First, I am an ontology developer for The Gene Ontology Consortium, working to develop formal networks to describe how genes act and how they achieve their overall biological objective in a species-neutral context using modern ontology-development principles. Second, I manage biological data capture and representation, particular those data derived from studies of the laboratory mouse. My work is integrated into two major bioinformatics resources: Gene Ontology and Mouse Genome Informatics.

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Awards, honors and accomplishments

1989-1992 - Postdoctoral Fellow, Medical Research Council of Canada

1988-1989 - University Fellow, Indiana University 

1988-1989 - Institute for Molecular and Cellular Biology Fellow, Indiana University  

1984-1987 - NIH Predoctoral Fellow, Indiana University 

1984 - NIH Predoctoral Fellow, Marine Biological Laboratory 

1983-1984 - Indiana University Fellow, Indiana University 

1982-1983 - Boch National Scholar, University of Rochester 

1983 - Graduate cum laude in Molecular Genetics, University of Rochester 

1981- College Scholar, University of Rochester 1979-1980 Hanley Scholar, University of Rochester 

Yondan (4th degree black belt), United States Aikido Federation Current