Neurobiology Research Tools and Online Resources

Explore a large collection of optogenetics, cre-lox, and reporter strains for neurobiology research.

The Allen Institute for Brain Science

This site provides comprehensive gene expression analysis in the developing and adult brain, and the spinal cord in the male C57BL/6J strain. For a limited set of genes, expression information is also displayed for female C57BL/6J mice, as well as comparative data for six additional inbred strains: 129S1/SvlmJ; CAST/EiJ; DBA/2J; PWD/PhJ; SPRET/EiJ; and WSB/EiJ.

The high-throughput in situ gene expression pipeline is also used to characterize cre recombinase activity in the brain from multiple JAX® mice strains (e.g. Camk2a-cre, 005359)using reporter strains such as Ai14 (007914).

The NIH Neuroscience Blueprint Cre Driver Network

The NIH Neuroscience Blueprint has established three centers in the USA (Cold Spring Harbor Lab, Scripps Research Institute and Baylor College of Medicine) for the generation of genetically modified mice expressing Cre recombinase in the nervous system on the C57BL/6J genetic background. Strains are provided through the JAX mouse repository and the Mutant Mouse Regional Resource Center.

Eye Mutant Resource

Find lists and descriptions of JAX® Mice models for ocular research. This resource describes and provides updated results of a screening program at The Jackson Laboratory to identify genes and new mutations that affect vision, lists the known mouse mutations that affect vision, and presents updated information on the cloning of vision-related genes

The Mouse Brain Library

Hosted by and The Informatics Center for Mouse Neurogenetics, the purpose of the Mouse Brain Library (MBL) is to systematically map and characterize genes that modulate the architecture of the mammalian central nervous system. It contains high-resolution images and databases of brains from many genetically characterized strains of mice. Its features include:

  • iScope, an internet microscope providing online, realtime access to MBL slides
  • Brain atlases, consisting of labeled high-resolution cross-sections of mouse brains
  • Tutorial that gives detailed instructions for creating a mouse brain atlas
  • Collection of high magnification electron micrographs of the mouse optic nerve suitable for quantitative comparative, and genetic analyses
  • Details on how MBL processes, calibrates images, and makes brain data available online
  • Movies consisting of a series of brain images, microscope focus-through movies, and other movies in Quick Time format

Gene Expression Nervous System Atlas

The Gensat database provides a genetic atlas of the mammalian brain, allowing researchers unprecedented access to central nervous system regions, cell classes, and pathways. It will be invaluable for studying degenerative and developmental diseases from Parkinson's and Huntington's to autism and epilepsy.

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