Health Reports


JAX® Mice are bred within and shipped from multiple breeding rooms; health reports from all areas are available as PDF files (see below). These reports are organized on the basis of the breeding room of origin. To determine which room houses a strain of interest, see the "Technical Support" tab on the strain data sheet, or call Customer Service at 1-800-422-6423 (US, Canada & Puerto Rico) or 1-207-288-5845 (from any location).  

Breeding rooms for JAX® Mice are maintained in our Production, Repository, Breeding Services or Research facilities, which are categorized based on organisms excluded. ALL mice coming into The Jackson Laboratory from ANY outside source are received in our Bar Harbor quarantine facility and are rederived. Rederived mice are tested for —and proven free of— all excluded agents and opportunists (see list of agents monitored & policy for communication of changes in health status) prior to release into the Production, Repository, Breeding Services or Research colonies. Individual animal housing rooms are maintained at different barrier levels. See the overview of The Jackson Laboratory facility barrier levels for details.

Health Report Categories

These mice are bred specifically for distribution to customers or for in-house use. Click on the room name from the lists below to view its health report.

Pathogen & Opportunistic-Free Animal Rooms 

These rooms exclude a long list of mouse pathogens and parasites that are known to have detrimental effects on animal health, have the potential to cause disease and/or interfere with research.  These rooms also exclude opportunistic agents, which are not pathogenic in healthy, immunocompetent mice, but may cause local or systemic infections in health-compromised or immunodeficient animals.  (See exclusion list)

 AX30  RD

Pathogen-Free Animal Rooms

These rooms exclude all the pathogens and parasites listed on our health reports that are known to cause disease or that compromise animal health.  Most opportunistic agents are also excluded from these rooms; however some of these agents are tolerated (See exclusion list)

 AX6   AX10   MP16
 FGB29 (F29)  MP23 

JAX Faculty Strains

JAX Faculty Strains are from Jackson Laboratory investigator colonies maintained in animal rooms in our Research Animal Facility (RAF).  The health status of these mice is variable depending upon the room of origin.  All pathogens and parasites are excluded from these rooms, and all opportunistic organisms are excluded from the “Elevated” barriers; however some opportunistic agents are tolerated in the “Low” and “Intermediate” barrier rooms.  Please check the exclusion list

FGB37 (F37) MGL277 (M277)
 FGB39 (F39)
 MGL371 (M371)
 FGB44 (F44)
 MGL373 (M373)
 MGL375 (M375)
 MGL377 (M377)
CBAX2 (CBX2)  MGL271 (M271)
 MGL273 (M273)
 FGB27 (F27)  MGL275 (M275)

Animal health statement for surgical suites

Surgically altered JAX® Mice may originate from several areas in The Jackson Laboratory's AAALAC-accredited production or repository facilities. All areas sending mice to the surgical suites participate in the regular JAX® Mice Animal Health Program. Dedicated HEPA-filtered surgical suites are located in AX1, AX3, G3A, MP13, MP24MP23EM03, EM04, RB01, RB05, RB06 and RB13 barrier animal rooms. All surgical procedures are reviewed and approved by our Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee and multimodel analgesia is routinely administered to all animals undergoing a surgical procedure. Highly skilled surgeons using atraumatic and aseptic technique conduct surgeries within laminar flow workstations. Post-operatively animals are monitored daily until fully recovered, the mice are then packed into new sterile transport boxes and shipped to your facility.