Corporate and Foundation Relations

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Anahita Modaresi, MA

For Investigators

CFR works closely with Research Program Development (RPD) to support, strengthen and help grow the research enterprise at JAX through the provision of strategic funding evaluation, project planning, and proposal development services. CFR and RPD bring significant and complementary expertise in corporate and foundation engagement and the federal funding landscape, respectively. We work collaboratively with each other and with JAX leadership, investigators, and our research administration partners to accomplish our mission of increasing institutional competitiveness for extramural funding and diversifying and strengthening our funding portfolio.

If you wish to explore funding opportunities with private foundations and/or corporations, our team can:

  • Share RFPs and targeted funding opportunities.
  • Research and identify prospective partners.
  • Provide cultivation and partnership strategies.
  • Assess projects for partner alignment and funding viability.
  • Facilitate tours, site visits and project team meetings.
  • Provide you with briefings in advance of meetings and site visits.
  • Help develop funding proposals.
  • Assist with the collection of all required documentation, signatures and approvals.
  • Support stewardship efforts, including recognition opportunities and impact reports.

Funding opportunities

Please check back soon for a list of centrally managed foundations, private funding opportunities calendar, and a funding project request form.


Stewardship and reporting

Accountability is important to build and maintain a strong relationship with funders. Foundations may require stewardship in the form of narrative and/or financial reports. The reporting requirements and due dates are often listed in the award letter. Reports are typically due every six months or one year from the award date. Please note that it is important to submit grant reports on time.


Grant reports usually include the following:

  • PI name, university name, grant number, project start and end dates, and award amount.
  • A summary of project activities conducted during the grant period.
  • A discussion of outcomes, including successes, challenges, and lessons learned.
  • A description of the impact of the project and funding.
  • An accounting of expenditures.