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Anahita Modaresi, MA

For Corporations

For nearly 100 years, The Jackson Laboratory (JAX) has led the world in research using the mouse to understand human disease and in studying the biology of human diseases at the mouse-human interface. JAX is renowned as the world-wide epicenter of research, training, and education using the mouse as a model organism. JAX investigators pioneered the application of mice to study the genetic mechanisms of human biology and diseases, and its mice and research programs have contributed to important medical breakthroughs for nearly 100 years. The Bar Harbor campus maintains over 13,000 strains and stocks of mice for distribution, including advanced mouse populations developed at JAX that model human genetic variability, and is home to the most powerful public database resources available for exploring the genetic and phenotypic complexity of mice. These resources empower researchers across the globe. JAX professor George Snell, PhD, won the 1980 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, and three graduates of JAX’s prestigious Summer Student Program went on to win a Nobel. To date, 26 Nobel Prizes are associated with JAX research, education programs, and resources.


Why Engage with JAX?

When corporations contribute to The Jackson Laboratory (JAX), they engage in a multifaceted relationship that yields numerous benefits: 

Strengthened Ties

By making gifts, corporations enhance their connection with JAX, a globally recognized research institution.

This strengthened relationship opens doors for collaboration, knowledge exchange, and shared goals. 

Intellectual Talent Exposure

JAX serves as a vital hub for intellectual talent. Corporations gain exposure to cutting-edge research, innovative ideas, and emerging talent.

Engaging with JAX provides access to a diverse pool of experts, fostering creativity and collaboration.  

Research Support

Contributions directly support JAX’s research areas and faculty, accelerating scientific discoveries that might not be otherwise possible.

Corporations play a pivotal role in advancing scientific breakthroughs related to their specific interests. 

Honoring Key Individuals

Gifts allow corporations to honor influential figures who have contributed significantly to their success.

Recognizing these individuals reinforces corporate values and legacy.

Brand Visibility

JAX provides a platform for corporations to introduce their companies and products to future users and consumers. 

This exposure enhances brand visibility and reputation.

Philanthropic Impact

Encouraging employee philanthropy to support disease prevention and treatment is a powerful way to foster a culture of giving within corporations.

Supporting JAX’s mission helps changes what’s possible in human health.