Virtual Open House

The Jackson Laboratory welcomes high school students, teachers, and families to visit our campuses virtually. The Virtual Open House event is open to anyone who has a strong interest in biomedical research, especially for those intending to pursue higher education or a career in biomedicine.

 Virtual High School Open House for the Jackson Laboratory

Welcome to The Jackson Laboratory's Virtual Open House, a web experience open to everyone and designed especially for high school students and teachers. We'll expose you to our world-class scientists and highlight the latest research in genomic medicine. Browse careers, lessons, and research, and learn how to jumpstart our own genetics journey - all without leaving your computer!

This special virtual experience features content covering several themes across the field of genetics, from cancer biology and neuroscience, to bioinformatics and computational biology. We also feature JAX projects including the JAX Mighty Mice in Space, our work on COVID-19, the Teaching the Genome Generation program, and more!

For Students:

  • Experience engaging and interactive presentations about the newest breakthroughs in genomics research and personalized medicine
  • Learn how to best prepare for and pursue careers in genomics
  • Explore learn about research and career paths that fit your skills and interests

For Teachers:

  • Find resources such as NGSS-aligned lessons and professional development opportunities
  • Incorporate content into in-person and remote classes by assigning videos as homework and using lessons to supplement coursework
  • Our resources are designed for the high school level, and fit into many course types, including Genetics (introductory and advanced), Biology, Allied Health, and Biotechnology

Past Events

  • Resources

    Start your Open House experience here. Use our resources as a guide to get the most out of each Open House session.

  • Skill Building

    Put yourself in the shoes of a scientist. Lessons and activities guide you through big questions in genetics research.

  • Picture of Ed Liu working in his lab

    Real Research

    Dive in to the research world without leaving your computer. Take a tour of the lab and learn from scientists about their work.

  • Career Exploration

    Find a genetics job that fits your skills and interests. Hear from JAX scientists about their work and career paths.