Virtual Open House

The Jackson Laboratory welcomes high school students, teachers, and families to visit our campuses virtually. The Virtual Open House event is open to anyone who has a strong interest in biomedical research, especially for those intending to pursue higher education or a career in biomedicine.


On October 19-23, 2020 The Jackson Laboratory is hosting a special Virtual Open House event for high school students and teachers to expose students to world-class scientists and highlight research in genomic medicine.

This week-long event will feature a mix of live and pre-recorded content covering four themes across the field of genetics – Mighty Mice in Space, COVID-19, Mouse Models and Bioinformatics.

 For Students:

  • Experience engaging and interactive presentations about the newest breakthroughs in genomics research and personalized medicine
  • Learn how to best prepare to pursue careers in genomics
  • Submit questions to our experts and learn about research and career paths.

For Teachers:

  • Find resources such as NGSS-aligned lessons and professional development opportunities
  • Incorporate events into their in-person or remote curriculum by assigning videos as homework and devoting class periods to attending live sessions.

How to Participate Virtually:

There are many ways to participate in the week-long event. Registration is required to view all content that will premier the week of the event, including lessons, pre-recorded videos, and links to live sessions. Full event schedule will be released soon. 


JAX Space Missions: Mighty Mice weren’t the only JAX mice to visit space. Learn about the other “out of this world” mouse models and research projects.

International Space Station Lab CRS-19 mission overview: Get an insider’s view of all research projects that launched to the International Space Station lab alongside the Mighty Mice.

JAX Mighty Mice in Space website: Follow the entire journey of the Mighty Mice project on the website.

CBIA BizCast- Jackson Lab Leads Testing, Vaccine Trials: BizCast host Shannon King talks with Dr. Charles Lee, scientific director at The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine, about the organization's partnership with Yale University to expand the use of a saliva COVID-19 test.

Past Events