Biomedical Career Exploration

Step into the shoes of real scientists. Learn about their jobs and career paths through live panel discussions, video interviews and spotlight articles.

Career Spotlight on a Genomic Technologist

Jasmina Uvalic is a clinical genomic technologist in the JAX Mice and Clinical & Research Services division, working on testing human patient samples including COVID testing and tumor sequencing.

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Career Spotlight on a Research Consultant

Johnnie Moore Dotson, Ph.D. is a senior project manager at the JAX Mice, Clinical & Research Services division. Learn about the steps she took in her career journey, and how her current job helps researchers with their mouse models for various human diseases.

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JAX Career Chats

JAX Career Chats is a video series where we highlight the diversity of jobs, skills, and opportunities in the world of biomedical research.

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Biomedical Career Development

Wondering how to craft a pitch, talk, blog, or manuscript? Learn the essentials of the major forms of scientific communication in this 15-minute JAX Online MicroLesson!


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