Scientific Research Services for JAX Faculty


CS Bioinformatics staff delivers the bioinformatics analysis of all types of omics data, including, but not limited to, genomics (exome/DNA-seq), epigenomics & regulomics (ChIP-seq, ATAC-seq), transcriptomics (RNA-seq), ribosomics (Rip-seq), ncRNAs (miRNA-seq), metabolomics & proteomics. The Bioinformatics team analyzes such data to arrive at quality variants and required quantification and computational validation. In addition, the CS Bioinformatics team delivers capabilities to JAX's researchers and collaborators in understanding and interpreting the variants and associated quantification data in various biological domains including cancer biology, immunology, evolutionary biology, chromatin modeling, clinical genomics and metabolomics.

This service is only available to faculty and researchers at The Jackson Laboratory.

Scientific Research Services for faculty at The Jackson Laboratory