Wei Zhou, Ph.D.

Computational Scientist

Wei has a strong background in host-microbe interaction and evolution of microbial pathogens. He is interested in developing computational tools to more efficiently characterize the microbiome using metagenomic data.

Wei is broadly interested in evolution and ecology of microbes in complex communities using genomic methods. Before joining the Oh Lab, he worked with Dr. Dustin Brisson in the University of Pennsylvania to study host-microbe interaction and evolution of microbial pathogens. Presently he is developing computational tools that characterize microbes and microbial interactions more effectively and with less necessary domain expertise.

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Education and Experience

2011-2016             PhD candidate in biology, University of Pennsylvania     

                              Advisor: Dr. Dustin Brisson

2009-2011             MS in Animal Science, University of Tennessee, Knoxville         

                              Advisor: Dr. Jun Lin

2005-2009             BS in biology, Fudan University, China                            

                              Advisor: Dr. Weida Huang