Selcan Aydin , Ph.D.

Associate Computational Scientist

I study quantitative genetics, cellular signaling, and systems biology, with a specific focus on mouse developmental biology.

As a computational scientist, my focus lies in developing and employing advanced statistical methods to delve into multi-scale genomics data. My aim is to unravel the molecular mechanisms that contribute to a deeper understanding of both basic cellular biology and disease states. Specifically, I'm actively investigating how genetic variation impacts gene regulation and influences cell fate decisions during development.

With a diverse background encompassing molecular biology, computational and systems biology, complex trait genetics, genomics, and proteomics, I bring an interdisciplinary approach to my research. As a postdoctoral associate in the Munger lab, I utilized genetically diverse embryonic stem cells, integrating multi-omics data to explore the genetic influences on pluripotency maintenance.

Currently, as an Associate Computational Scientist, I am expanding our systems genetics approach to dissect the gene regulatory architecture governing various cell states across development. This involves leveraging my expertise to integrate and analyze complex datasets, aiming to uncover novel insights into the intricate molecular mechanisms underlying cellular dynamics. In addition to my research endeavors, I've been dedicated to service, mentorship, and teaching both at The Jackson Laboratory and among my peers in the wider scientific community. Most recently, I served on the Genetics Society of America’s Early Career Scientist Accessibility Subcommittee, advocating for scientists with disabilities and chronic illnesses.

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Education and experience


Duke University, USA
PhD Biology
2010 - 2017

Adv: Dr. Nicolas E. Buchler & Dr. Paul Magwene
University of Heidelberg, Germany
MSc Systems Biology
2009 - 2011 

Adv: Dr. Ursula Kummer
Sabanci University, Turkey
BSc Biological Sciences and Bioengineering
2005 - 2009