Ravi Pandey, Ph.D.

Bioinformatics Analyst II

Developing computational pipelines and employing computational strategies using genomic data to understand the genetics of complex diseases.

Currently, I am involved in carrying out analysis of large-scale data sets to understand the genetics of neurodegenerative diseases. I will be analyzing data from clinical samples and mouse models of Alzheimer's disease to determine how genetic risk factors lead to dementia. Additionally, characterize the effects on the retina of genetic mutations that increase risk for eye disease. This work will substantially broaden our knowledge of the molecular mechanisms behind common neurodegenerative diseases.

Previously, I have been working on problems like understanding the evolution of genomes by identification of evolutionary strata in sex chromosomes of mammals, birds and plants using Markov model of segmentation and clustering, which can further help in resolving many epigentics related problems like X chromosome inactivation, Identification of horizontally transferred genes, which can have evolutionary, ecological and potential biotechnological significance in recipient species and more robust taxonomic profiling of metagenomic data. Beside this, I have been also involved in many projects, which were focused on differential gene expression, functional and pathway analysis of NGS/RNA-seq data.

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