Mitch Kostich

Associate Director

Application of computational statistics and machine learning to high-dimensional biological and chemical datasets. Software development and high-performance computing.

My doctoral work focused on vertebrate cell biology, but relied on genomic sequence analysis to identify a more tractable homolog of an ostensibly vertebrate-specific gene in C. elegans. I subsequently worked in the pharmaceutical industry on identifying potential drug targets, comparative genomics, RNA sequence assembly, and bulk annotation of sequence data. Later, as a researcher at USEPA, I identified transcriptomic signatures of exposure to various toxicant classes, developed predictive models for chemical risk assesment and worked on computational tools for contaminant screening using time-of-flight mass spectrometry. Since joining JAX, I have been leading small teams of computational scientists and software engineers, as well as developing pipelines for long-read sequence analysis and splice-variant analysis. I have also taught short courses on various aspects of applied statistics, machine learning, software development and bioinformatics.

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