Matthew Dunn, B.S.

Scientific Software Engineer

Creating software to help scientists analyze and visualize large data sets. I am also particularly interested in genetics and genomics.

I worked as a programmer on medical software for 6 years, where I gained a strong background in software development. When a bug could negatively impact the health of a patient, it really impresses upon you the importance of attention to detail, testing, and writing bug-free, supportable, and well-documented code.

Since joining JAX in June of 2017, I have been working with the Computational Sciences group on software resources and projects for the Chesler Lab, such as the Mouse Phenome Database website. I have enjoyed picking up and learning new programming languages and frameworks, as well as becoming familiar with various projects and the science behind them. I look forward to picking up more skills, knowledge, and projects in the future.

Education and experience


University of Maine at Orono
BS in Computer Engineering