Ji-Gang Zhang, Ph.D.

Computational Scientist

My research mainly lies in developing and applying statistical and system computational approaches to discover complex disease mechanisms, biomarkers and treatment targets by integrate large-scale biological “omics” data.

My research mainly focuses on genetic dissection of complex diseases using/developing the state-of-the-art multi- and inter-disciplinary approaches of genomic technologies, and statistical and bioinformatical methods. The approaches involve genome-wide association analyses, genome-wide transcriptome analyses, proteome-wide protein expression profiling, epigenetic profiling by various statistical methods, including e.g. data imputation, regularized regression, pathway analysis, fine mapping. I am interested in developing and applying statistical methods and bioinformatics tools for integrating large, complex multi-omics datasets (e.g. DNA-Seq, bulk RNA-Seq, sc/snRNA-Seq) in research, e.g. Alzheimer's disease and cancer.

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