Jaycee Choi

Predoctoral Staff

Accessing neural function through long-term monitoring of mice within ethological assays.

During my time as an undergraduate, I joined a Computational Genetics lab that focused on dog genetics. We worked to catalog the young polymorphic SINE insertions within the dog genome across various breeds. We also looked at how these SINEs were importing polyadenylation signals into the 3’UTRs of dog genes. The work that we did was largely computational, and I found that I had a passion for asking Biological questions and using computational methods to answer them.

Through my interests in computational work, I joined Dr. Vivek Kumar’s laboratory as a Ph.D. student through the Tufts-JAX Genetics program. Now, I am working to develop a new generation of assays that access cognitive function in the context of aging, utilizing long-term monitoring of mice while they carry out ethological tasks. These tasks are simple foraging and learning tasks that mice can carry out and are accessed over several days. This allows for reproducible, scalable, and ethologically relevant analyses.

Jacyee Choi on Orcid