Georgi Kolishovski, M.S.

Scientific Software Engineer

I am interested in high performance computing, statistical analysis, and biological systems modeling.

My primary focus at JAX is on developing data management systems and tools for the exploration and visualization of complex biological data and its interpretation. As part of a multidisciplinary team at JAX, I frequently collaborate with both experimental and computational scientists on data analysis and visualization projects. 

In my role as a Scientific Software Engineer, I am leading the JAX Synteny Browser, a novel tool for interactive visualization of regions of conserved synteny between two genomes based on their biological properties such as function and phenotypes. 

Another hallmark initiative that I am closely involved in is JAX’s Patient–Derived Xenografts (PDX) program, a platform for data management, visualizations, analysis, reporting of cancer models studies. I lead the implementation of interactive visualizations for cancer treatment response studies (SOC) and develop automated software to run robust pipelines for the analysis of genomic variations in cancer models. 

I am also a key member of the Mouse Phenome Database (MPD) project, an integrated platform to explore physiology and behavior through genetics and genomics, for which I create highly interactive data visualization tools using the latest cutting edge and open source technologies. 

In addition, I also teach several data science and programming courses/workshops at JAX on coding skills in R, Python and SQL.