Dave Walton, B.A.

Senior Principal Scientific Software Engineer

Primary focus is developing scientific software tools to further the research of Jackson Laboratory faculty.

I am a full-stack principal level scientific software developer with a passion for software development that enables scientific research. I have over two decades of experience in a variety of industries, with a focus in biotechnology.

My primary Development tools: Languages – Python, Java, Groovy, JavaScript; Web development – Flask, FastAPI, Angular; Visualization - D3 & Highcharts; Database – PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, Mongo, Neo4j; Cloud – GCP. I have worked on large scale enterprise LIMS for collecting, tracking, processing and reporting patient samples; command-line analysis tools for scientific data; web applications for the presentation of analyzed results; and API’s to allow other programs access to data and tools using RESTful web services and JMS.

My role at Jackson Laboratory is one of technical leadership on multi-developer projects, using agile techniques, striving to provide meaningful/usable systems in a timely manner.