Beth Sundberg, M.S.

Scientific Software Engineer

Design and develop relational databases; software quality assurance testing.

Ms. Sundberg has been involved with computer applications for 45 years. She developed herd health management software in 1976, a database for managing pesticide chemicals for the state of Indiana in the mid 1970s, and worked on various other projects for the Administrative Data Processing Center at Purdue University. During the past thirty years she has worked on a project for managing mouse breeding colonies (JAX Colony Management System, JCMS) and a relational database for medical records management (The Mouse Disease Information System, MoDIS). MoDIS was developed in 1987 to manage histopathological data from The Jackson Laboratory massive mouse production colony as well as research data. Over the years this evolved to integrate the Mouse Anatomy Ontology (MA) and Mouse Pathology Ontology (MPATH), to eventually provide an integrated tool for storage of basic research discoveries, linking gross and photomicrographs to case materials, and getting this information into publicly accessible databases such as Pathbase (, and Mouse Genome Informatics ( Currently she is providing software quality assurance for these Computational Science projects: PDX (patient-derived xenograft) platform, GeneWeaver, BioConnect, Mouse Phenotype Database (MPD), Study Intake Platform (SIP), Diversity Informatics Platform (GeDI), POET, and PhenoPackets. .

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