JAX expands availability of NSG™-SGM3 mouse model to fast-track disease cures

The Jackson Laboratory (JAX), a leading provider of mouse models and drug discovery services, has dramatically expanded access to the NSG™-SGM3 mouse model to scientists worldwide. The NSG™-SGM3 strain allows for the superior development of myeloid and CD4+ T cell populations after human hematopoietic stem cell (HSC) transplantation, thereby enabling a more accurate representation of the human immune system.

Available exclusively from JAX, this model is expected to accelerate research in immuno-oncology, immunology and infectious disease.

The triple transgenic NSG™-SGM3 strain shares the same genetic background as the popular NSG™, while expressing human IL3, GM-CSF and SCF. The expression of these cytokines results in enhanced engraftment of primary AML cells derived from patient blood. This strain also allows the stable engraftment and differentiation of myeloid lineages and regulatory T cell (Treg) populations, making it suitable for immunology, inflammation, and immuno-oncology studies.

JAX In Vivo Pharmacology Services recently presented exciting data demonstrating tumor growth restriction and inhibition in NSG™-SGM3 mice co-engrafted with human immune cells and patient-derived (PDX) tumor fragments following treatment with immune checkpoint inhibitors. “The NSG™-SGM3 model is unique in that it offers the most physiological co-engraftment of patient tumors and human immune cells, including myeloid cells that are critically important in modulating human responses to cancers,” states James Keck, Ph.D., JAX senior director of In Vivo Pharmacology Services. “These results highlight the potential for use of this cutting-edge platform for pre-clinical efficacy testing of immuno-oncology compounds.”

“The NSG™-SGM3 is a leap-forward over existing highly immunodeficient models and the potential that it brings to make scientific investigations at the bench and in the clinic more translatable is exciting,” commented MaryEllen Joseph, senior business unit manager, JAX® Mice. “Early results using it as a pre-clinical tool in drug discovery are very encouraging.”

JAX offers the NSG™-SGM3 (013062) as an off-the-shelf model for academic and commercial research organizations. Additional information on the NSG™-SGM3 model can be found at https://www.jax.org/strain/013062 or by calling customer service at 1-800-422-6423.

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