Online Resources for Cancer Research

Mouse Tumor Biology Database


  • Free, web-based access to mouse tumor data
    • Histopathology and tumor incidence in spontaneous and induced tumors in genetically defined mouse models
    • Tumor susceptibilities of common inbred strains
    • Review mutation patterns in specific cancers
    • Gene search 
  • Links to references

Patient-Derived Xenograft search on MTB

  • Search human-derived tumors that are part of our PDX program
  • Search by:
    • Gene or gene variant of interest
    • Tumor type
    • Diagnosis
    • Gene expression or deletion

Mouse Phenome Database


JAX® Mice Database
  • Search for strains for cancer research in our collection
  • The most comprehensive source of genotypic and phenotypic data on JAX® Mice Strains
  • Detailed information on close to 1000 JAX® Strains for cancer research

Mouse Genome Informatics


  • Provides integrated access to data on the genetics, genomics, and biology of the laboratory mouse
  • Searchable data on mutant genotypes of all types and links out to the International Mouse Strain Resource to determine if strain is available through public repositories

JAX® In Vivo Pharmacology

Innovative pre-clinical solutions for in vivo cancer modeling

  • PDX models and studies
  • Humanized NSG and NSG-SGM3
  • Onco-Hu™ models for immune-oncology research

JAX Webinars™ Cancer Series'