CD34+ Humanized Mice

Human CD34+ hematopoietic stem cell-engrafted NSG™ mice (hu-CD34) develop multi-lineage human immune cells, and are a validated platform for immuno-oncology efficacy studies, and infectious disease research. Our inventory has CD34+ mice available for immediate shipment to your facility or efficacy study enrollment at ours.

Humanization Process

Female mice are injected with human hematopoietic stem cells (hu-CD34+). Engraftment of mature human white blood cells (hCD45+) is confirmed 16 weeks after injection. Any mouse with more than 25% hCD45+ cells is considered successfully humanized.

CD34 humanization process


Hu-CD34-NSG™ and hu-CD34-SGM3 are ideal for long-term in vivo studies in the areas of immuno-oncology, infectious diseases and graft rejection research -since their lifespan after CD34+ engraftment is over 12 months.

These preclinical models are also used as platforms for screening efficacy of genetically modified stem cells (Kitchen et al. 2012).


Successful humanization of each mouse is quantified from mouse peripheral blood via flow cytometry using anti- hu-CD45+ and anti-murine CD45+, 16 weeks post engraftment, when mature T-cells develop (Ishikawa et al. 2005). All mice ship with >25% hu-CD45+ cells in the peripheral blood.


Study-ready cohorts of inventoried humanized CD34+ mice are readily available for shipment to your institution or for enrollment in customized drug efficacy studies executed by our experienced Ph.D. level scientists from JAX In Vivo Services.


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Licensing Requirements

We distribute NSG™ mice under an agreement with the NIH. NSG™ mice are available to non-profit research institutions under an MTA. Companies and for profit entities require a license prior to shipping. Many companies already have a license that includes engrafted NSG™ mice. To confirm that your company is covered or for new license inquiries, please contact:

Peter Wells
Director, Technology Transfer
The Jackson Laboratory
Phone: 207-288-6883