Mouse Identification

Service Vendor(s) Provider Price
Ear Punch Roboz Surgical Instruments Co., Inc.
Braintree Scientific, Inc.
Provided by The Jackson Laboratory $4.43 Each
Ear Tag (Metal ID Tag) National Band and Tag Company
Jorgensen Labs
Provided by The Jackson Laboratory $4.43 Each
LabStamp® Tail Tattoo — Black Ink
LabStamp® Tail Tattoo — Green UV Ink
SOMARK Innovations Inc. Provided by The Jackson Laboratory $8.63 Each
UID Microchip Implant* UID Identification Solutions Provided by The Jackson Laboratory $13.80 Each
Microchip Insertion -- Provided by Customer $24.19 Each
RapID Ear Tag RapID Provided by The Jackson Laboratory $8.23 Each

Services do not include price of the animal, shipping or container charges

* This product is temporarily unavailable for use on immune compromised strains. Please contact Technical Support for additional information

Product Information

Ear Punch

Ear notches or holes produced by an ear punch device. Used for wean age or older mice to create a unique identifier. Common ear numbering systems:

Ear Tag

A metal ID tag placed in the mouse ear pinna with a special applicator. For mice wean age or older.

LabStamp® Tail Tattoo

FDA-approved pigment on the tail to identify post wean mice. Consult your institution's ACUC for accepted protocols. Please click here for additional information on the LabStamp® Tail Tattoo system from SOMARK Innovations Inc.

UID Microchip Implant

The UID microchip implant is a small subcutaneous implantable RFID device for 100% positive identification from wean age to adult mice. UID microchips are MRI, Gamma/X-Ray and Ultrasound compatible. Each microchip maintains a unique alpha numeric ID, along with programmable on-board memory. A hands-free scanner makes the ID and study related information readily available and easily accessible. The readers can be integrated into any LIM system or computer. Mice may need to be anesthetized or sedated for implantation. Consult your institutional ACUC guidelines.

Microchip Insertion

Customer supplies device or implant. All devices or implants must be shipped directly from the manufacturer. Please contact customer service at for details on shipping and handling.

RapID Ear Tag

RapID Ear Tags are humane, automated, mini-ear tags providing fast and accurate identification for lab animals. The hardened 2-D data matrix codes scan instantly with 100% accuracy providing millions of unique IDs. Multiple colors allow immediate secondary (visual) identification without scanning. RapID Ear Tags are totally MRI and autoclave compatible, and are minimally invasive (no surgery required).