Genomic Core Competencies: Introductory Letter from Dr. Francis S. Collins and Joseph D. McInerney

On behalf of the National Coalition for Health Professional Education in Genetics, we are pleased to provide this third edition of Core Competencies in Genetics for Health Professionals. Much has transpired scientifically since the original publication of the Core Competencies in January 2001, and the importance of education about genetics and genomics has increased as a result. The second edition of the Competencies, published in 2005, highlighted their widespread use as health professionals around the world integrated genetics and genomics into a broad array of educational programs.

We owe a continuing debt of gratitude to Dr. Jean Jenkins, National Human Genome Research Institute, for her guidance of the working group that produced the Core Competencies and for her ongoing efforts to collect information about their use. Dr. Jenkins; Cindy Prows, MSN, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital; and Dr. Preston Reynolds, Society of General Internal Medicine, were instrumental in the production of this new edition, which has reduced the set to a list of 18 essential competencies.

NCHPEG has benefited considerably from extensive feedback about the Competencies, and we invite continued comment from the community at large. We hope you will let us know about your work as you draw upon the collective expertise of your colleagues to implement the Core Competencies in Genetics in the manner most appropriate to your own discipline.



Francis S. Collins

Joseph D. McInerney