December 2023 Update

Your quarterly update from the MCGI team
October 2023 — December 2023

Preliminary Agenda Available - 2024 MCGI Forum

Join us for the 2024 Maine Cancer Genomics Initiative (MCGI) Forum on Friday, April 12 and Saturday, April 13. A preliminary agenda is now available. See what is in store at this year's event!

The event will be hosted in person at the Sheraton Resort at Sable Oaks in South Portland, Maine and virtually with on-demand viewing options for a designated post-event period.

Click here to register!

Register before March 1, 2024 to have your name automatically entered into our mystery giveaway! The winner will be notified by March 14, 2024.

For more information on speakers and event logistics, visit our event page.

We look forward to seeing you in April!


Genomic Tumor Boards - 2024 Session Series

Genomic Tumor Board (GTB) sessions are a series of meetings coordinated through MCGI where results from clinical genomic tumor tests are discussed with a panel of expert advisors, oncologists, and pathologists. The sessions aim to address a substantial barrier to wider adoption of cancer genomic testing in clinical care -- the interpretation of test results. Although test reports include a significant amount of curated data, the process of interpreting and applying this information in clinical care can be time consuming. GTBs are specifically designed to streamline and enhance this process, ultimately leading to well-informed treatment decisions.

Our GTB series is offered in a hybrid format, allowing the community of assembled oncologists and clinicians the opportunity to discuss potential treatment options for their patients both in person and virtually.

The MCGI GTB series has a full schedule for 2024. For a detailed listing of upcoming GTB sessions, click here


Free Educational Resources

A 52-year-old patient with metastatic lobular breast carcinoma is currently responding to chemotherapy. Liquid biopsy testing was ordered in anticipation of the need for additional lines of therapy. The results did not identify any actionable variants.

Should you order additional testing?

A.     Yes, order solid tumor testing

B.     Yes, repeat liquid biopsy now

C.     Yes, repeat liquid biopsy if cancer progresses

D.     No, no further testing is indicated

Enroll in the NEW case-based course Interpreting cancer biomarker testing - When is additional testing needed? Learn more about when additional biomarker testing may be needed and earn free CME or CNE.


Biomarker Video Wins GOLD

In September of 2023, MCGI collaborated with JAX Creative to create an informative video explaining the importance of biomarker testing. Since then, the "What is Biomarker Testing" animation was awarded Gold in the 2024 AVA Digital Award competition!

This  is an exceptional feat! Less than 20% of the 2,500 AVA applicants win gold.

Thank you to all who helped our team bring this script to life including our recently established MCGI patient advisory committee. These collective efforts have not only contributed to this achievement but have also helped shed light on the purpose and importance of biomarker testing in cancer care.

Watch the video here.


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