Technology Transfer FAQ

Who can help me with technical questions?

Technical questions can be answered by technical support.

How do I change my order?

Jackson Customer Service handles all changes to the order and can be contacted by email or by calling 1-800-422-6423.

I received a notice from Jackson stating that the strain requires a (license/MTA/form) - what action do I need to take?

All notices from the Jackson Technology Transfer Office should have a cover sheet and a letter concerning restrictions.  The cover sheet will contain instructions. 

If the cover sheet states you need a (license/MTA), the notice will include the contact information. Jackson will not ship mice until we are notified from the donor(s) that the (license/MTA) is complete.

If the cover sheet states, "No action is needed," then the letter is for your information.

If the cover sheet states, “…contact the donor for a license if you have not already done so,” then the customer is required to have a license. Jackson is not notified when the license is completed, and licensing information is only available from the donor. This type of notice does not hold shipment of the mice.  

Why is the (researcher name/contact name/stock number/institution) incorrect on the cover sheet and letter we received from Jackson?

The cover sheet and letter is sent by the Jackson Technology Transfer Office, and it is auto filled from the order placed with Customer Service.  The Technology Transfer Office is unable to correct information on the order.  You can contact Customer Service by email or by phone at 1-800-422-6423 or 207-288-5845 to make corrections.  Correcting information on the order will cause the letters to be reprocessed and sent with the correct information.

I received multiple letters stating that I need a (license/MTA/form) for the same strain.  Which license do I need to complete?

A customer must meet all license/MTA requirements before Jackson can release the mice.

Who is the donor (sometimes referred to as the donating institution)?

The donor is the institution/company that donated the mice to Jackson and may also include other institutions/companies that were involved with the creation of the mice or patents involving this strain.

Why is my order on hold?

Your order may be on hold for a license, Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) or other documentation form.  A notice from the Jackson Technology Transfer Office will be forwarded on the following business day, with the instructions as to what needs to be done to remove the hold. Your order may be on hold for technical reasons connected to the availability of the mouse ordered, You can contact Customer Service be email or by phone at 1-800-422-6423 or 207-288-5845 for more information.

Why is a commercial company required to obtain a license for this mouse strain?

In some cases, donating institutions require a license be completed before they will allow Jackson to distribute the mice.

Why am I receiving this notice if no action is required?

Institutions that have donated mice to Jackson require that Jackson notify the customer of licensing agreements or material transfer agreements for certain strains even if no action is required.

Can researchers publish their work with this strain?

There are no restrictions on publication of research results using Jackson mouse models.  We advise researchers to correctly identify mice used in publications and our technical support team will answer any questions in this area.

I am at a commercial company looking to purchase a strain that requires a license, but there is also another restriction stating that the strain is not available to companies or for-profit entities. Can I obtain the strain by completing the license?

All restrictions have to be met.  If one restriction states the strain is not available to companies or for-profit entities, then Jackson is not able to ship the strain regardless of any other licensing.

Can I crossbreed mice received from Jackson?

Please refer to the General Terms and Conditions for circumstances and situations where this is permitted.

I have obtained mice from Jackson but now want to move the mice to another location.  May I transfer the mice?

Mice obtained from Jackson are supplied under our General Terms and Conditions of Use at a minimum, which describes when transfers are allowed. Any other situations require a written exception from Jackson.