Stoveside Chats

Cooking & conversation on Diversity topics


Stoveside Chats is a unique video series that combines the art of cooking with thoughtful conversations about important diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) topics. 

Join Moses Davis, Director, of the Office of Inclusion & Belonging, as he fires up the stove and the dialogue with fellow JAX team members. In each episode, you’ll uncover fresh perspectives, meet the people who make JAX a vibrant community and pick up a few new skills in the kitchen. 

More than a cooking show, the Stoveside Chats video series highlights our shared commitment to creating an inclusive and diverse workplace JAX. It's about learning, understanding and coming together — one meal at a time.

Stoveside Chats: The Relationship Between DEI and Sustainability

On this episode of Stoveside Chats, Moses Davis and Levi Rogers talk about the relationship between sustainability and diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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Stoveside Chats: Exploring the Asian Experience

In this episode of Stoveside Chats, Moses Davis and JAX colleague Mai Hendrix discuss the complex and multifaceted realities faced by both Asian and Black communities and challenge the stereotypes, misconceptions and rising tide of…

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Stoveside Chats: Talking About Talking

On this episode of Stoveside Chats, "Talking About Talking," Moses Davis and JAX Professor Elissa Chesler talk about how to have an open dialogue about difficult DEI topics.

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